A powerful shift is happening in society right now and The Cutt Label is proud to be amongst it.

At the core of everything we do at The Cutt, is a strong respect for the people we work with be it our manufactures, logistics team, customer service team, full time employees or freelancers and especially the environment in which they and us work in.

This is why we implement an ethical production/supply chain. Suitability is not just about fabric choices but also how the workers are treated, factory ethics, pay and the conditions in which they work in.

We all love bargains but REMEMBER by purchasing fair priced items, workers are not undercut and can afford to live and enjoy life. 

Your items are made by human hands NOT robots!

FAIR priced = FAIR pay


The Problem with fast fashion

Fast fashion companies sell cheap & poorly made clothing that come at a huge human, social and environmental cost. The pressure to reduce costs and speed up production time means that many corners are cut all in the name of profit.

There are approximately 40 million garment workers in the world today; many of whom do not have any rights. Garment workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the world and roughly 85% are women.


Slow fashion @ The Cutt

Abiding by our beliefs and ethos- we will present concentrated high quality collections with limited quantities in stock.

Once styles are sold out they are gone forever. Should there be overwhelming demand, we may produce items as per consumer requests via pre-order to ensure minimal waste.