A brand that joins contemporary women in their ever-changing journey.

The Cutt Label embraces a new kind of femininity.

Built upon a set of powerful beliefs and abiding by a strong manifesto, we’re unconventionalbold and we are here to stay. We seek to redefine what it means to be a bad-ass woman.

Every collection manifests the creation of a new world, with each piece designed exclusively and curated by women for women.

We’re a label created with the aim of disrupting the fast fashion industry, presenting attainable pieces utilising a circular, fair priced & ethical production chain.

Style consciousness & quality is at our core.

We are a curated label brand that joins contemporary women in their ever-changing journey. 


The cutt Label is born of a combination of creative talent, passion and drive.

We are a sassy young team working together to provide you with the best experience, product, and service.

From the design, through to the hands on manufacturing and delivery of our pieces, each phase of the process is meticulously thought-out to bring you the best experience.


From Drawing to Reality

Our design & curation process starts at home in London, where our design & extended creative team work hand-in-hand with every design to make the vision come to life.

From the initial idea, to the first sketch, to material selections and development each part is discussed and methodically executed.

Offering 6 concentrated prêt-à-porter collections per year enables our small team to design and curate high quality attainable priced pieces that tell a story.

we merge our brands DNA and unique styling with key trends to create pieces you will love forever.


Our Promise

In an effort to BE BETTER we have opted to DO BETTER. We invest in better quality materials , better craftsmanship to ensure your products last longer and work with factories that have acquired certain accreditations.

It is our mission, through the use of sustainable materials - where available- and implementing an ethical fair and just supply chain to be an example to other brands offering attainable fashion.

We believe in the cause for not only a cleaner world but also a fair and just world. We are a young brand and growing but always learning and will continue to implement changes where we can to do our bit.