I wanted to bring you a female led brand that inspired, evoked passion + emotion; A label that presented you nothing but Drool worthy, conscious, attainable luxury.

I can't wait for you to go on this journey with me and fall in love with The Cutt.


Our Manifesto

  1. i.

    We will celebrate our perfectly imperfect life with simplicity and honesty.

  2. ii.

    We will remain fussing over the minute details that that no-one else sees.

  3. iii.

    We will trust our fierce soul and take risks. Our heart and the rewards WILL follow.

  4. iv.

    We will strive to be better humans. ALWAYS

  5. v.

    We will be WOMEN and we will hustle till we cant hustle no-more.

Every collection manifests the creation of a new world, with each piece fused with a blend of design, QUALITY AND sustainability - designed exclusively by women for women. Welcome to...