The cutt Muse | Rachel Williams

we celebrate and Highlight  London based celebrity stylist Rachel Williams.

As Rachel jumped on a plane she paused to drop her answers to our questions.

CLRachel, what,s the one quote or motto you live by?
RW: Tomorrow is not promised.

CL: Sum yourself up in 2 sentences :
RW: my personality is a juxtaposition. I can be very outgoing, opinionated and fearless. However, I am also a homebody and that alone time is necessary for me to recharge.

CL: 3 most important things to you :
RW: my family, my freedom to create and freedom to travel

CL: The change you want to see in the world:
RW: Id like to see everyone doing their part towards equality, the sustainability of our planet and less judgement on each other’s skin colour, religion and sexual preference.

CL: What’s your goal for the next 5 years?
RW: to be travelling and creating for my brand La Ochre Studio x

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